Flying the Coup

IMG_0750On my last official weekend of the 2016 summer today I spent a ton of time watching our chickens. In April they were able to easily fit in my hand. Now they run around our yard eating bugs, laying eggs, and just being silly.

In watching them today I found three main characters that we also see in our schools.

The ‘hamburgeler’ is always pushing the limits. She was the first to fly over the coup. The first to explore previously unexplored territories. She is always pushing the limits. Kevin and I learned very early on to let her go. She has learned to ‘fly the coup’ in the evening vs. early because when she goes early she no longer has access to hearty food. When she wanders too far she calls and others respond bringing her back in.image

What we didn’t expect were how many others would follow her. Now we have four chickens who regularly fly the coup. Hamburgeler is the hen that the others follow. We are glad they get out, explore, take risks and have adventures.

Think about it…who is the one that the educators you work with follow? Is there more than one? Why are they followed? These are the educators blazing the trail facilitating change. They move our schools forward. I, for one, am thankful for them.

Who is the one that comforts others? That gives you the boost when you need it? For our hens it is ‘little whitey’ a small, very furry, very fluffy, chicken with furry feet. She nestles up to the others constantly. You can also see the other hens walk toward her. She is never pecking at the other hens. She is always welcoming willing to share whatever she has. She is one who comforts those unable to fly the coup.

It is that educator we need for support. Some people are so natural at it. Simply talking with them calms one. I bet you can name this educator in your school. I continually wonder how I could ever thank this person enough.

The mainstays. The others can go to either side based on the situation. For the most part they plod along, individually doing their own thing yet not varying enough to be deciphered. It is this crew that has a ton of power. They can choose to follow or not. They can find love and caring when scared. They can explore different highs and lows. They toy with flying the coup but hesitate to be with the others.

It is this group that I want to get to know better. What are their contributions to the greater flock? How could they be more empowered to take risks and fly? What is their perspective on the current situations?

As humans we are surrounded by a vast species where everyone is different. Learn about and appreciate those that surround you. You choose your ecosystem!