Farm to Fork-P1

Have you ever gotten so into completing a task that time flew? You finished later than you ever planned and wondered what had happened? For me, every time I am working in an area I’m passionate about that happens.

Today I served food at our Farm to Fork festival. The festival takes place during the Farmer’s Market. In it’s 6th year over 500 people were served several courses from our local farms. I had just begun and then suddenly it was over because we were out of most of the to fork

Having helped with our school Farm to School program I saw many familiar faces, including our students, helping out. Many not helping were present either eating, hanging around or volunteering to be in the dunk tank. This all while our first home football game was kicking off in an hour.

It reminded me about the passion and caring that drives our community. It is a strong passion, nimble actions, and whit that have brought about so many positive changes since I moved up here. This began with beets at the tasting and the first year all the farmers had sold their beets. Impact seen immediately.

As I spoke with the organizer we discussed the growth of the event. The way she brought in people who also shared the local food passion. We discussed the future plans for the event to which she was getting some resistance.

Maybe because it is the weekend before school, maybe the presence of so many students of all ages, maybe it was the sun. I couldn’t help but think of how powerful it would be to have her come in and share her story of growing this event with our students and teachers. Not only could I relate to the challenges she spoke of but I understood her mind-set for moving around and overcoming them. I loved how she spoke of finding and mobilizing a team with similar passions.

Our Farm to School Initiative began in a similar manner. But that story hasn’t been shared. My mind has begun racing with stories that may inspire a teacher or student to move a few steps further with integrating real world, practical project based applications. Even if the stories impacted growth/ideas or ignited passion in a class just once think of the power it would have.

Many ideas racing through my head right now. This post is going to have to be continued at a later date.




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