Building Strong Student Organizations day4: Brag

Let’s be honest. This is the hardest piece for me to do professionally. I struggle with stating my expertise in an area. I struggle more with sharing what I’m actually doing.

With the student council that I advise, I found it easy to share their accomplishments. It started one of my first weeks overseeing homecoming. They planned it, they carried it out, so many students/teachers benefited. Sometimes it took me drawing into the roots of what the organization should be. However, most of the time it was pretty obvious. What’s not to like?

As our council grew in members, we also grew in involvement. First, we got some people non-voting seats on the board of education. Easy to get help for. So many students are curious and want a say.

Homecoming was always something student council oversaw. My second homecoming I had the people announcing at the pep-rally thank you to the student council. The members stood up. Woah-each year since we’ve grown and grown. Suddenly students came out of the wood-work to contribute.

We also funded a picnic at the end of school. I few signs, some members helping to serve. Boom–kids were interested, providing ideas for next year, offering to help.

It has amazed me how saying “hey-we do this!” Has helped with drawing a crowd. When students see things they like or have appreciation for, they will often get on board. I found this surprising at first although writing this now it only makes sense. Why wouldn’t you want to be involved?

I encourage all advisors, share what is great about your organization.  You might be surprised by who jumps on the moving train!!

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