Building Strong Student Organizations day 5: Celebrate


All too often we forget a key point. We fail to recognize how far we’ve come, the work we’ve done. We are often so focused on getting somewhere that we forget to pat ourselves on the back.

After coordinating homecoming for so long I’ve come to realize that it is this event, this week, students wish went on forever. They relish the activities after school, the dressing up in school. Most importantly-they love the not so obvious special things, such as a pep rally.

In fact, it wasn’t until this year when the pep rally wasn’t going to happen. For years seniors would run into the gym last, throwing candy at the underclassmen. Last year the students were told “no candy throwing”. They came up with a seemingly better idea, throw marshmallows. Soft, non-assuming. WHAT A MESS that turned out to be. It was decided that pep rally would be changed or non-existent.

I was impressed when this years seniors, in full force, came out and said “we want pep rally-here are our ideas to solve past problems”. It was back but on a VERY short string. Let’s be really honest, none of us adults actually thought it was going to go as well as it did. More importantly the class took a ton of pride in the changes they instituted. They were thrilled with what they had done.

It has reminded me, we never take time to celebrate the good. While I’ve sent them an email I also think it is key for organizations to recognize their positive progress. Schools have graduations. Sports teams will have pizza parties or athletic awards. Why don’t we do something for our organizations.  While our student council is celebrating homecoming I can’t help but think there is so much more we could use this energy to facilitate.

But then I stop. The next thing we will do will be to celebrate.