Building Strong Student Organizations Day 10: Let Them Lead

Our students have BIG ideas. Sometimes so big that as adults they make us nervous. One very key lesson I have learned as student council advisor is how to find the balance between advising and living out my own long-lost leadership days.

Grow, compile and discuss:

This involved letting students grow their ideas. After a leadership day field trip many years ago we got the kids together and had them brain-dump everything they wanted to do or change around school. Everything. We went for quantity. We accepted everything.

Then we began to compile. As we compiled we noticed several cross-cutting trends. Several ideas that all really connected together.

This led to discussions. The deep and rich kind. The discussions that are essential for generating student investment. The discussions that provide so many pro’s and con’s for the ideas that sometimes they morph into something better.

Our student council had three main things they wanted to do:

  1. daily food available after school
  2. the return of pumpkin bowl
  3. having a say in the governance of the school