T-7 Days: The People

For the past 13 months this has been apart of my life. In T-7 days -/+ 1 hour I plan on completing ironman lake placid. I’ve been told that the first full ironman is truly a life changing event, for many the biggest event of their lives. I can tell you that so far my journey echo’s that to a tee. It is something I am so happy I pursued For the next six days I will be taking the time to reflect on how.
Today-The People (way too many to list here): I’ve known several people who have completed it, including my boyfriend 5 previous times. This year I’ve met so many people that I otherwise wouldn’t have had contact. We’ve celebrated success and worried things together. We have pushed hard and pushed each other. We’ve shared stories beyond the scope of triathlon. I’ve enjoyed the contact, love and most importantly support (verbal, written, etc…). The People have helped me sort my priorities; have shown their true priorities with words/decisions. During the tough training it is the “I’m excited for you”, “I’ll be at ___”, “You’ll be in my thoughts”, the hugs (I’m much more of a hugger now!), and “Ohh….we’ll make you a sign” that has kept me pedaling. I appreciate you joining my in my journey to be an “Ironman” and look forward to seeing you at the celebration next week. It is going to be an amazing day!

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