T-5 Days: Love thy mind, love thy body!

imageT-5 days. Special ‪#‎shoutouts‬ to: Tim Chien for coming in on his day off to literally get the kinks out of my legs AND for offering to help me on race day with swim insulin ‪#‎soappreciative‬, ‪#‎wow‬; Julie Voss, Kenny Boettger for taking care of Victor (my bike) and helping me with my race day clothing-I’m going to be comfy and SUPER cute!; and to Bob Tysen who helped me figure out the shoes and insulin carrying for IMLP ‪#‎helpful‬ and Lou Reuter who I was able to share my story with. It is amazing to have access to those who provide honest feedback/info and are willing to go above and beyond to help.

Love thy mind love thy body. They work together in amazing ways. While I took care of the body by training and other specifics as listed above today also eased my mind. I’ve done what I can do. I know that my mind will help me finish, something I learned during a training race at Craftsbury in -10F where I had 38K left and people were being pulled/dropping out of the race. I was smart; covering up, eating, drinking and managing my pace in an appropriate manner. I remember working so hard to focus on that for the entire event. I’m glad I’ve learned that this too is a race of attrition; I have a plan to execute and follow along with many backup plans if things go array. I’ve learned to manage my diabetes pretty well through training, adjusting the struggles as they came.

I’ve come to love the structure of my body, something that I couldn’t say a few years ago. We don’t pick our bodies out; we grow and learn with them. While I had hoped that after training for IMLP I’d be 20 pounds less I’ve come to realize that could result in being slower due to a lack of strength. And I didn’t want to be a pill popper (major vitamin taker) who was regretting every meal b/c I had cut certain items (meat, gluten, cookies, beer) out of my diet; that just wasn’t something I was willing to sacrifice.

At this point I’ve ate well and happily and am fairly healthy mentally and otherwise. Thank you IMLP, Thank you to all who have touched this experience in one way or another.

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