T-3 Days: The Triathlon Vortex


T-3 days: The triathlon Vortex–fear not–just a few left (I know triathletes post a ton of tri related stuff close to events)
It is funny-this ‘road to ironman’ has had Kevin and I laughing at how it all began. When he came home from work a few nights ago I had compression socks on, gear all over the place and he chuckled saying “I did this, I know”. He certainly didn’t start it but he accelerated the process a ton.

When we first started dating he signed up for the Ottawa marathon, and then signed me up. I had already done a half marathon (loved it) and so I thought well, why not. Three marathons later I signed up for Timberman 70.3. I trained so hard that summer and loved every moment. Everyone said “You’re going to do ironman”. Oddly enough, I got caught up in work stuff and didn’t.

Three years ago Lorraine Duprey Kelley sent me a facebook message asking me if I still ran and gauged my interest to being on a relay team for Michele McCullouch, Charlene A McCullouch and Stewart McCullouch. I was so excited and it kicked my butt back into training to run. Due to circumstances I ended up doing the bike and loving it. A year later I put together a team with Michele and Sarah Keyes. We had a blast!!

The bug was back. The next year (last year) I did two 70.3’s, both with issues, and an issueless Olympic. I had decided, while training for the second 70.3 that I was going to sign up for a full after a friend reminded me that “I wasn’t getting any younger” and “Your never ready to signup for a full, you just do it.”

I appreciate everyone who has roped me into something athletically minded helping me in this journey. Five years ago I couldn’t swim across mirror lake, today I did 2 laps (Jaime Collins, Shane Eversfield). A year ago I cried going down Keene Hill, two weekends ago I flew down it like it was flat. Thank you to everyone who has helped me to see the value in making progress toward something bigger. I am a better person because of it! ‪#‎ittakesavillage‬

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