2015 IMLP Reflections

Its funny to be done with something that you paid attention for day after day for 13 months. It was like everything led up to it and was going to influence the result. One of my biggest lessons learned is that the result is the result. It is slightly determined by preparation but truly what happens on that day is the final call. You can’t fix or change it. It is what it is and you need to accept that.

My expectations for myself were high, too high. I had wanted to finish, at the latest, at 12:30. Ideally I’d break 12 hours. On the last loop of the bike I came to realize my bike time was going to be at least 45 minutes slower than I wanted. I couldn’t figure out how.

I’ve struggled to improve on long distance race results. My fastest marathon time took 7 years to beat and I only beat it by ~:02 seconds. My fastest 70.3 is still my fastest. For this, I see many areas that would decrease my time significantly. After the race I had said I would never do another. Today I’ve checked and seen that registration for next year hadn’t closed. Hmmmmm.

That day, many things went well for me.
a) I had an amazing support system; Kevin, my mom, Tim, uncle Boop, T3, people coming to watch me finish (Charlene, Dori, Tom), people I knew on course (Darci and Billy, Dave, Colleen, Loring, Hal, Kenny, Bill, Julie, Ed, Dorine, Janice), athletes I knew (Amy, Mary, Caitlin, Karen, Alicia, Dan, Jim A, Veronica, Kevin, Lonnie, Amy, Kristen, Steve, Jamie H)
b) I nailed and reacted to my blood sugar perfectly. From training I knew it would spike on the bike, so I took some insulin. My perpet (6 scoops; 10 antifatigue, 6 electrolyte tabs) and four gels along with some rice stuff was great. Talking to diabetics I knew it would drop in the run so I drank gingerale in transition. When I couldn’t do solids, I took in cola. My range for the day was from 55 (on the run) to a high of 280 (on the bike), averaging 150. WOW!
c) The swim. This went great for me. I got bumped but not too much. I swam and sighted. It was 5 minutes slower than I wanted but given how relaxed I was that didn’t matter.

The not good was all stuff I did to myself.
a) I had no hydration plan-so I ended up drinking way too much on the bike. I had to fill up at the first aid station. The guy in front of me in transition went in and weighed himself. At the time I thought, ugghh, what a waste of time. I now know. Maybe next time I’ll do that too. I will find a way to better monitor this for the future. After the event (2.5 hours) I weighed 22 pounds more than at weigh in.
b) This is embarrassing. My calves and heels had been a world of hurt the two weeks before IMLP. Serious pain. Tim had fixed them on Tuesday, a bit. I was afraid that may be what kept me from finishing. I spoke with our local shoe expert who gave me great advice on which shoes to run in. Being my smart self, I decided to place super feet insoles into my Bondi 3’s. Needless to say by the end of the event I couldn’t feel my outer two toes on either foot and was hobbling like no other. I contribute this to my super slow marathon time. In part!
c) Major chafe, like seriously bad. Legs, arms, belly, back. The first shower was a NIGHTMERE!! I was told more Vaseline–when I do this again you can bet I’ll have a ton of it!!

So-I finished in 2 hours longer than I had planned and significantly more screwed up. Its funny because it is something I’m totally embarrassed about. What I’ve realized is that people are just shocked they know someone who even did it at all.

Will I do another, probably-I’ve got a bit of vengeance for the mistakes I made here. I guess that is how people get the triathlon bug.

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