New Year, New Goals

The start of year 11. Our school is comfortable with experienced staff. Only a few new faces. At our faculty meeting the experience was palpable. Everyone nodding.

For me, I fear complacency. I change, if ever slightly, every year. This year I have a few main goals.

Think like a student

As I design them, I am going to view my lessons from the point of view of a student. This may require some input and dialogue from them to gain a sense of perspective. I vow to never be in too big a hurry to loo through this lens.

This lens will help me ensure that I understand and ideally reach all students. It also gives me a reason to connect and learn from them. My most powerful line last year was ‘Tell me more, I want to learn about your perspective’. Those days, I learned so so much!

Be Gracious to Others

Not just the yeah, good job, crap. Not pseudo congrats. Really graciously acknowledging specific actions they are doing that impacts students and/or our staff. Motivating them to continue. More importantly demonstrating support. Being a cheerleader. I’m a bit reserved so I may resort to email as a way of doing this.

Being Present

Working more efficiently. Making time for what matters and is important. Always being fully present. All in with what I am choosing to do.

Whitespace is OK with relaxing. But not when I am working on items.

These are my three goals. What are yours?



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