Where are the Amazing Teachers? Closer Than You think!

This weeks posts=Teachers #1

Many people in many states are wondering, where are the awesome teachers? The one’s that will change the lives of their children, the one’s that will make the world a better place. I see posts on Facebook of parents excited (or not) over the teacher their child has for the upcoming year.

For me this is much like a lost set of keys. Sometimes you can look so hard you miss what is right in front of you. To realize the quality of those I am surrounded by I had to put myself out there. I applied to the New York State Master Teacher program where we had to teach a 10 minute lesson to other teachers. I was in a room with 6 other science teachers. All high level people. All striving to be apart of this program. As I sat nervously awaiting my presentation I observed the others. At one point I said “Wow-there are some amazing educators in this room”.

It took that lens. That step back for me to realize who I was surrounded by. Following that interview experience I stepped back in my own school. Rather than being a domineering force, I became more observant. I found myself in a perpetual state of awe at the work of those I am surrounded by.

My state of awe increased conversation with colleagues about their work in the classroom. We discussed the strategies they were using to peak interest and engage students. The ideas for ‘big lessons’ or ‘risky lessons’ they had. The great things that they are able to scaffold so students feel successful. The challenges they had with some. The success’ they have with others. These amazing educators were just outside my door, every day.

Through our conversations I also realize that my colleagues felt like I did. They are overwhelmed and dismayed by the general education ecosystem we were in. They were also optimistic about our work and what our students can accomplish. They are creative with strategies to navigate around the obstacles that lay ahead. They realize their role in shaping our community to be the best it can be and the role that our students will eventually play in it.

They are AMAZING.

Talking with friends in other school I can say that our world is filled of AMAZING educators. Educators who care about students. Educators who care about the future. There is no need to look any further. Where are the amazing educators?

Standing in the classrooms of your school. You didn’t lose your keys or your teachers. You’ve been so busy looking you’ve missed what is right in front of you.






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